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    U.N. Climate Summit Starts in Tianjin, China


    by NTDTelevision

    A United Nations climate summit is starting today for the first time in China. Delegates have come from across the world to attend the conference in the northeastern port city of Tianjin, which comes before two weeks of emissions negotiations in Mexico in November.

    International delegates arrive in Tianjin on October 3rd. This is the Chinese regime's first ever U.N. climate change conference. China is now the world's biggest energy consumer in the world.

    The Chinese regime was criticized last year for a diplomatic snub at other world leaders, by not sending Premier Wen Jiabao to attend the 2009 Copenhagen summit. The regime's diplomats also pushed for a much watered-down version of the agreement in Copenhagen. The Chinese regime argues that because China is still a developing country, it should be given less ambitions emissions targets. Yet 'Made in China' is a household phrase and much of the emissions-producing manufacturing industry that serve developed countries is located in there.

    The Chinese regime has agreed to cut the amount of carbon produced for each dollar of economic activity in the country by 40 to 45 percent by 2020.Yet, the U.S. and the E.U. want China to take on firmer commitments and be subject to international monitoring.

    The conference comes ahead of a two week long round of negotiations in Cancun, Mexico in November, where world leaders will try to reach a legally binding treaty to cut carbon emissions.