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    Uncircumcised & Circumcised Baby Care


    by pnqstn

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    We Americans have been indoctrinated with the belief that whole babies require inordinate amounts of cleaning. Is this really true?

    How to properly care for your uncut baby(It's easy!):

    Protecting your Uncut Son from Medical Personnel:

    Reversing the epidemic of forcible retractions:

    FAQs About Foreskin Care: http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcisio...

    How do I care for my young son's intact penis?

    The intact penis needs no special care.

    The foreskin should never be retracted by force.

    During the first few years of a male's life, the inside fold of his foreskin is attached to his glans, very much the way the eyelids of a newborn kitten are sealed closed. The tissue that connects these two surfaces dissolves naturally over time - a process that should never be hurried.