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    Unusual Way to Celebrate Non-Violence Day


    by NTDTelevision

    October 2nd marks International Day of Non-Violence in the Czech Republic. People across the country celebrate the day in a very unconventional way...

    A group of enthusiasts from a Humanism movement celebrated the International Day of Non-Violence in an allegorical way.

    These activists marked by posters went downtown and offered a free hug to anyone they met.

    [Hynek Opolecky, Humanist]: (male, Czech)
    "For me the meaning of the event is to elevate the atmosphere among people. I have been living in Prague for 20 years. I remember about 10 years and mostly I meet people who are in their own world, as if they were a bit closed to their surrounding, as if they were only a little in reality, at the present moment and it is as if some connection among people was missing."

    The event evoked a lot of smiles, joy and surprises in people.

    [Mike Wran, Passerby]: (male, English)
    "I think it is beautiful because it shows more love and peace and kindness and that's what it should be about."

    Activists expressed in an allegorical way the thoughts that motivates the Humanism movement:

    [Dana Faminová, Humanist]: (female, Czech)
    "It is refusing violence and looking for all options that are not violent, which means to respect other human beings and to strive to look for ways of dialogs, to look for ways of reconciliation..."

    According to the Humanism movement this is the way all conflicts, not only interpersonal but international - among various cultures and religions should be resolved.

    The International Day of Non-Violence was proclaimed 3 years ago by the United Nations on the birthday anniversary of political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gándí. Gandi led a peaceful movement for independence in India.NTD News, Prague, Czech Republic.