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    Tiger attack in India


    by ODN

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    At least six people have been injured by a tiger in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state after it strayed into a village in the Mathura district.

    The locals living in the outskirts of Fatiha village, armed with batons, rushed to the spot to drive the beast away, but the tiger was elusive and remained hidden in the fields.

    The locals had been attacked when they went into the fields early in the morning.

    "It injured four people at once. Then at 7 O'clock, it injured a child. After that it injured the child's father or his relative, who had gone to see the child. It is a fully grown tiger. Sometime back, it ran from one field to another," said Chetan Singh, a villager.

    Forest officials rushed to the spot to try to capture the big cat.

    Many wild animals such as tigers, leopards and elephants have strayed in villages due to loss of habitat.