Shrunken Stroll in the Park

Mark Lee
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Everyone, I was free time and made 3d animation video, beauty giantess lady red hair. She talks with her phone, she walks and crush those shrunken men, but she didn't see them.

Thanks comments very much.


hey make her meet up with who ever she is talking to on the phone in part 4. make it her boyfriend who is also wearing flip flops or barefoot and make them walk to each other on their phones and as they are walking the littles get crushed untill they meet up and hang their phones up and kiss. (the end)
By giantdude 4 years ago
omg dude make her eventually in part 4 meet who ever she is talking on the phone. make a giant dude who is also in flip flops walking her way and she is walking his way untill they meet up but as they are walking to meet up show the littles being crushed under their feet untill they meet and kiss or something.
By giantdude 4 years ago
more butcrus please
By mikeyhonch 4 years ago
I wud like to see more buttcrush or vore but still good
By extergate 4 years ago
No wonder she didnt see them shes got an Iphone
By Optiflow1234556 4 years ago