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    Current Global Economic Issues - Is it better to go global


    by ylvajanssonteam


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    Our country is an experiment in cultural globalization that is not capable of providing jobs for its own people. The past 20 year period is not about some grand plan to pull the world up by the economic help of a global economy interacting for the common good. It is about looking the other way, on environmental destruction, compromising our core values to finance agendas, create personal prestige, and direction of revenue to political origins, all while portraying globalization as a noble vision for the common good. Economic globalization by a free market society that all people can benefit from can not be achieved by interlacing our countries economy with a communist country that controls the size of their middle class workers to benefit their currency valuation, while controlling the distribution of wealth to the privileged few. In other words they control the amount of have and have not's in their population, so the crooks can get rich. Our country has become dependent on imports fo
    By ballastpathogens5 years ago