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    My New Daily Video Goal (Vlogtober)

    Sam Proof

    by Sam Proof

    More on this video here - for more and join to express yourself! This is just a long and silly video. It's part of my new goal to do 30 days of videos. So to start I didn't even realize Vlogtober was a thing, but I was like "i'm gonna do daily videos for a month" and my gf was like "yep that's Vlogtober" and I was like "stop saying words that you just think sound cool" then she made me sleep on the couch and I was like "I believe you...." point being... you can watch this 5 minute long video - or just know that I'm going to be doing daily videos for 30+ days with the hopes of gaining 50,000 subscribers. I promise these videos will get better/shorter/funnier! Check out the Bui Brothers at Come back tomorrow for 1 Truth and 1 Lie! a video in which I present 2 facts and you have to guess what happened and what didn't. Stay Strong Also check out http://samproof.tv