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    Mario Bros. Classic Arcade Gamethrough


    by GameGirl34

    This is an updated version in 2001 of the original 1983 Mario Bros. Arcade game. It's called "Mario Bros. Classic" by Nintendo. Phases 1-30 played by doraslayer3. Check out his Mario Bros. Arcade (Phases 10-16) under his name over at YouTube(it doesn't appear when just searching). By the way, this game is endless, unfortunately. The difference of this game is the graphics are more colorful and more like a factory in each phase. The bad guys are enhanced, instead of the turtles from the original game, they look more like little Koopas, the flies' faces looks like Mickey Mouse a bit and that's about it. Haven't seen this game in the Arcades, but hopefully if the JAMMA system in Tokyo says as it does, maybe gamers will make their return to the Arcades.