How to Care for your Newly Circumcised Baby

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Doctor: Actually at this point what I do normally is go through the instructions with the parents because it gives a chance for that. So all we're gonna do is we're gonna change the diapers frequently, simply to keep the urine and the stool away from the area. Something that you would do anyway. You'd be changing him quite frequently.

The big trick is lots of large amounts of Vaseline to that area and this prevents the penis from sticking to the diaper. So each diaper change, a great big blob. Now I've put it on a piece of gauze here, just something to lift it into place, but when you're changing him, you're gonna put it directly onto the penis.

If he does soil himself with stool on the cut area, you're gonna wash with a warm water but you're not gonna use any soap until it's healed because the soap will be burning. You're also not going to rub it hard. It's just to remove the stuff. Of course the child remains settled on comfortably wherever his normal position is, usually on