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    Gomco Infant Circumcision with Aftercare Talks


    by hospitalbabycare

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    The foreskin is separated from the glans. To do this, a dorsal slit in the foreskin is frequently employed. The bell of the Gomco clamp is placed over the glans, and the foreskin is pulled over the bell. The base of the Gomco clamp is placed over the bell, and the Gomco clamp's arm is fitted. After the surgeon confirms correct fitting and placement (and the amount of foreskin to be excised), the nut on the Gomco clamp is tightened, causing the clamping of nerves and blood flow to the foreskin. The Gomco clamp is left in place for about five minutes to allow clotting to occur, then the foreskin is severed using a scalpel. The Gomco's base and bell are then removed, allowing for bandaging of the penis.

    Gomco stands for the GOldstein Medical COmpany and invented the Gomco clamp on the earlier successes of the Yellen clamp.

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