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    Bohemian Grove Federal Reserve Atomic Bomb Anthony J Hilder


    by anthonyjhilder

    Taken on the property of Bohemian Grove near Monte Rio in norther Califormia. The conditional surrender of Japan was not allowed therefore the bomb was used to force unconditional surrender. This was discussed and planned at the Grove. The Federal Reserve issued worthless paper money for all the gold in the USA from the proclaimation by Roosevelt that all gold must be turned in. This financed the country where a valuable asset was traded for Federal Reserve notes which were debt laden. Clips taken from Frankenfed a film by Anthony J Hilder High Res Video at Free World Filmworks four men talk about the Federal Reserve system and banks and how you from birth are a commodity. They Own you, Preserve the Culture and Sovereignty of The United Kingdom. Visit, participate, and be Free. A Gallery Of Criminals Posing as your Leaders. Tell all site about how they fool you.