How can you believe that's Contrails?

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How can you steel believe that's Contrails?
May be if you are a "Contard"...
Chemtrails are real. Geo-engineering existed since the Second World War, it is increasingly evident there're false sciences for serve those weather modification.
Do not be so categorical about what you've learned from science, even if it can blow the limits of understanding and breaking down all the scenery of life.
Science without conscience and good sense is the ruin of the soul.


@Vierotchka :)
By Stay_awake 3 years ago
Patent offices are full of patents which don't work, which are nonsensical and based on bad science or no science at all. Anyone with enough money can patent all sorts of nonsense. A patent is not proof of anything whatsoever.
By Vera Narishkin 3 years ago
Anyone who knows the science knows that they are simply contrails, the chemtrail urban legend notwithstanding. Educate yourself by going to
By Vera Narishkin 3 years ago
I have seen many around where i live, and i point them out to people who in turn laugh and call me a nut.
They think they are normal contrails, even when i point out a normal plane with or without contrails they still don't believe me. Some people will not and cannot see the truth.
By Truther Seeker 4 years ago