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    Burj Khalifa, Dubai - The World's Tallest Building


    by HOLadd1

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    Burj Khalifa, Dubai - The World's Tallest Building (as of Sept, 2010)

    Here's a video compilation of the world's tallest building from a recent trip to Dubai, UAE. Fast facts:

    --It's nearly twice as tall as two Empire State Buildings put together
    --Weighs 500,000 tons (and has already sunk 2.4 in / pilings are 150 ft down)
    --It has 164 floors
    --It can be seen 90 km/60 mi away (on a clear day)
    --The temperature on average is 10 C cooler at the top vs. the bottom
    --It's designed to sway 6 ft at the top in high winds
    --The A/C required is the equivalent of melting 12,500 tons of ice A DAY
    --The observation deck is on the 124th floor (but NOT the tallest ob deck in the world...that still goes to the CN Tower and Shanghai WTC)
    --The highest recorded wind speeds at the top: 198 km/h (123 mph)
    --It was built with 28,601 panes of glass.