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    Detroit Grand Pubhas - NUmb, Deaf & DUmb

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    Paris the Black Fu and the Mysterious Mr O. are back with a new instalment of the Detroit Grand Pubahs road show, their aptly titled fourth album, 'Madd Circus'.

    Since their very inception the Pubahs have been as much a vaudeville act as a 'serious' techno group, their albums primarily serving as raw material for the duo's exuberant live shows. 'Madd Circus' suits this purpose perfectly with an absolutely wild mixture of booty-electro, p-funk, piano ballads, sleazy disco jazz, and even some drum'n bass, across the album's 18 tracks.

    That isn't to say that 'Madd Circus' is not a highly entertaining album by itself. It breathes Mack Gaudy and Oliver Way's unbound creativity through every note, rhyme and beat, while the Pubahs slightly unsettling vibe comes across quite nicely through the album's two included videos. Mums better lock away their daughters once these two guys are in town.