Orch.DOBBRI- Es Führt kein anderer Weg zur Seligkeit.. 1932

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Orchester Dobbri, Gesang: Robert Brake - Es Führt Kein Anderer Weg zur Seligkeit (als über deinen Mund) (There's No Other Way To Happiness/But Through Your Lips) a.d. Tonfilm "Der Sieger" (The Winner), Parlophon 1932

Hungarian actress Käthe von Nagy (b.1904 in Szabadka, [Subotica in Serbia] – d. 1973 in USA) appeared in 56 films from 1929 to 1952. As a teenage she wanted to get married so her parents put her in Santa Christina Convent near Vienna. Upon leaving the convent she went to Budapest where she started to write short stories for a newspaper and studied acting in Béla Gáal School. In 1926 she went to Berlin. Her first film was “Männer vor der Ehe” (Men Before Marriage). Starting as the ‘Backfish’ of German silent movies, in early 1930’s she bacame a fashionable star of the German cinema, impersonating an independent type of a modern woman. She made films also in Italy and France, where she moved 2 years before WW2. After 1945 she moved to USA where she gave French lessons.

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I enjoyed this excellent presentation. Thank you for the interesting notes.
Przez Boston Blackie 4 lata temu
This vid is very relaxing and fun! Thanks for posting and have a great week!
Przez tango3721 4 lata temu
Grzegorz, when browsing my subscriptions I see we were in a similar mood this weekend since, totally unaware of your upload, I also posted a rendition by Dobrindt. However, whereas my posting was up-tempo, this one is deliciously dreamy and romantic. Thank you for sharing a gem!
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu