Ukraine Introducing Annual Medical Examinations

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Ukraine will be introducing an annual medical exam for the country’s citizens, starting from next year.

According to the Ministry of Health, each medical exam for adults will include measuring the height, weight, and blood pressure, as well as monitoring hearing and vision, and taking blood and urine tests.

Also on offer are tests for checking heart activity through an electro-cardiography (ECG), lung function testing through a pneumotachometry, and a visit to local doctors, among others.

But the clinical examinations are not compulsory.

Ukraine is expecting the new set of measures to help increase life expectancy and reduce mortality, which is currently four times higher in the Ukraine than in the European Union.

Former Minister of Health Vasily Knyazevich says, if Ukraine wants the new measures to be effective, sufficient budgetary resources must be allocated and additional work should be done with the public.

[Vasily Knyazevich, Former Minister of Health]: (male, Ukrainian)
"Clinical examinations are one thing. If the test results show that something is wrong, treatment should be provided. But today, people are simply afraid to go to the doctor because they have to pay for everything, and if illness is discovered, one could become bankrupt trying to heal it, and may even have to sell one’s home."

In addition, there are not enough doctors to perform the clinical exams.

Knyazevich says Ukraine’s demand for doctors is double the actual number.

While Ukraine works on developing tangible systems for implementing clinical exams, Kyiv citizens show mixed views on the new measure.

[Kyiv Citizen]: (female, Russian)
"Very positive attitude, I think this is very good. Because we have such rushed lives, the world pulls you in, and you have no time for a doctor check-up. I think that this should be done, but of course, it should not affect our pockets too much.”


NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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