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    More good news for trapped Chile miners


    by ODN


    Rescue crews working to free the 33 miners trapped half a mile underground in a Chilean mine have tested a rescue capsule that they hope to use to hoist the miners to safety.

    The mood at the head of the mine in Chile's northern Atacama Desert was optimistic as emergency crews now hope to free the 33 men in the second half of October. This was an improvement since the original goal of Christmas was moved up to late November.

    Officials tested a navy designed rescue capsule that will be used to pull the men up one-by-one from a depth of 700 meters (2,300 feet).

    Three rescue shafts are currently being drilled and widened to roughly 25 inches (66 centimetres) or about the width of a mans shoulders to accommodate the capsule known as the Phoenix.

    "It's good. It is all lit up. Here we have a phone system on my left, which is also lit up," said one of the crew testing the pod.

    Rescue workers were pleased with the results as they applauded and looked forward to the day they will use the Phoenix to free the miners from the tunnels below.

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