Mixing Nia (1998) - pt. 2 of 9


by trinak25

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Nia Evans (Karyn Parsons) has a lucrative job at a New York advertising firm & is given an assignment that seems like a deal with the devil, to write an ad campaign for malt liquor aimed at black kids. Nia quits her job to pursue her dream of writing a great African American Novel, but soon realizes she's never known who she really is because she was born to an A.A. mother & a white Jewish father. Her journey begins with Lewis (Isaiah Washington) her A.A. literature teacher who sees the world as black & white and very passionate about everything A.A. She then seeks comfort in the arms of carefree ex co-worker Matt (Eric Thal) who can't even pretend to understand her dilemma. Finally she meets Joe (Diego Serrano) a stable, affectionate man with an understanding of her struggle & a dream job waiting for him in LA. Nia alone with no man to bolster her, learns that the only true solace and acceptance she can find are within herself.