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    American Balloon Pair Missing over the Adriatic Sea


    by NTDTelevision

    Organizers of the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race on Wednesday say they are concerned for the U.S. team of Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis.

    Organizers lost contact with the American balloon team over the Adriatic Sea amid reports of bad weather in the area.

    Race director Don Cameron.

    [Don Cameron, Race Director, 2010 Gordon Bennett Cup ]: (English)
    "We know very little except that we have lost contact. They have various means of contact, satellite phone, the tracker and VHF to talk to local air traffic and nothing has been heard from them on any of these since that time."

    Cameron went on to say the team does have substantial safety equipment.

    [Don Cameron, Race Director, 2010 Gordon Bennett Cup ]: (English)
    "They do have good safety equipment. They have life rafts, they have survival suits and life jackets and they also have an emergency location transmitter which will transmit on emergency frequencies but the Italian services say they have not heard any activation of that."

    The Americans were one of 20 teams that set off Saturday from the Bristol area in the UK.

    Helicopters, military aircraft and three boats have been taking part in the hunt, while a ground search along the coast has also been launched.

    Cameron said the other 19 balloons involved in the race have landed safely.