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    Rabbit Mites - Revolution Dosage for Rabbit Mites


    by AbbeyMitchell

    298 views Rabbit Mites - Revolution Dosage for Rabbits Rabbits: Revolution for Rabbits, ear mites, loose fur Is the simple answer to cut the dosage in half to 37.5 ml? ... UPDATED INFORMATION ON REVOLUTION FOR RABBITS Rabbits: Rabbit Mites: Revolution dosage, 1cc syringe, dear sarah 6 Jan 2009 ... 1cc syringe, , mites: , The dose for rabbits is 6mg/kg. If you cannot calculate the dose from this, please do the ... Rabbit Care and Health Information The best flea treatment for rabbits is Revolution. The dosage needs to be worked out based on the rabbit's body weight, and is then applied to the back of ...