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    Juliana episode 109 english subs


    by toygerms

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    UPDATE: The HQ episode is playing at this page
    By Coolending79246January
    ?UPDATE: That link didn't stream for me , use this site --->
    Thank u so much for continuing with all this!! Been following u from the 'tube' and i can't say enough how much i appreciate all your work!!
    Also, moments like 3:10 are why i watch this show ;) and i don't mean the smooches, lol, but the fact that the actresses are so natural about it, and the fact that the writers/director "allow" this to happen in front of young kids (the actual teen actors playing around) showing the whole world (ok, those who watch this show) that gay relationships are just like everybody else's, and will not traumatize or damn those poor kids to hell. geez..
    By KindaGay5 years ago
    mariana is soooo cute!! i love 1:45 its so adorable how cute they are 2gether! thnx 4 the vids!!!! ur the best!
    By jkeys15 years ago
    well said @Xena this story line drove me crazy really. Im glad its over with, well almost. probably one more episode. but it just hit me that the show is gonna end in 10 more episodes. I'm really gonna miss the show even though sometimes it was torture watching. BTW LURKERS COME OUT AND COMMENT I wanna read your thoughts on these last episodes =)
    By toygerms5 years ago
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