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    I purposely scrambled a lot of stuff -- this is not true. It is all a lie. I made it all up. I never worked for the Fed. I never worked in Wall Street. I never got a graduate degree. I was never a member of NASD. I deny. Come to the ghetto and find me if you don't like this. I'm over here in France to get the healthcare I couldn't get back in the USA and I am waiting for you to answer my long letter, Mr. Obama. I do not fear death but I am not crazy about torture. So, if you kill me, please make it quick.

    On YouTube, I am SLOBOMOTION and CUTECATFAITH. My website is

    FREAK WAVE 2 is out and I am in it as Lisa B. Falour, and MODERN WOMEN is out, published by MoMA, and I am in it as Lisa Baumgardner. I have three movies in pre-production.

    But I digress, and I lie. I always lie! Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.