Epsiode 15: Mr. Hurt

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My Name is Mr. Hurt.


I pray the people who run this site shit blood. You fucking assholes have ruined this video with your goddamn commercials interrupting a 6 minute video. Fuck this fucking site in its fucking ass! I love Daywalt, but I HATE Daily Motion with a passion! I can't wait to finish this so I never have to endure this site again!
By HNIF 3 years ago
Better the Bud Light commercial than the Kellogg's cereal KIDS commercial! Real mood-killer Dailymotion.
By edgable1 4 years ago
seriously... a Bud Light ad just before the end.... way to take away the tension. I'm so watching the rest of these on my phone with no interruptions.
By Jason Wilder Evans 4 years ago