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    Proto Bat-Bot from Mattel



    In the neverending quest for justice even the Caped Crusader needs an ally. But Batman has developed a secret weapon—Proto Bat-Bot. With super computer smarts and a power-packed build, Proto Bat-Bot is the robot for the job! Bring all the action and excitement of Batman: The Brave and the Bold to life with this fully articulated, 12-inch tall Proto Bat-Bot figure. With just a turn of the head, Proto Bat-Bot reveals his hidden chest cannon. Boys can launch the cannon's six projectiles to take down The Joker and other Gotham City villains. (Action figures sold separately). Proto Bat-Bot features exciting lights and authentic sounds from the cartoon series. To give Proto Bat-Bot even more power against the enemy, a variety of accessories (sold separately with other Snap & Attack figures) can be placed on Proto Bat-Bot. This is classic, open-ended play with a favorite character, and boys will enjoy playing with Proto Bat-Bot, reenacting scenes from Batman: The Brave and the Bold and creating their own bat-ventures!