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    What's in the Cat's Hat? Game from I Can Do That! Games


    Have you ever wondered if there's anything inside the Cat in the Hat's tall hat? Find out with the What's in the Cat's Hat? Game. This multi-sensory game is great for helping preschoolers with sensory skills, memory and deductive reasoning, creativity, and answering questions accurately. One player hides a household object (a brush, an apple, a tennis ball) of their choice inside the hat. Other players use questions, clues, and the hat's interactive exploratory features to discover what the object is. Exploration cards prompt players with questions and actions. Is it something we eat? What room does it belong in? Not sure? Try feeling the hat with your elbows, poking your finger through a hole, or looking at the object through the magic crystalline window that gives a sense of shape and size but distorts the object a bit. Children will enjoy hours of creative fun with this innovative game! It's different every time you play, which really adds to its value. (And we won't bother telling the kids they're learning important thinking skills, even though they are.) What's in the Cat's Hat? comes with one soft, felt hat, 32 exploration cards, and game rules. It is for two or more players.