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How To CREATE/ ADD Stream Live Video On Website For Free

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FREE Website Builder: http://doiop.com/0608 How To Stream Live Video On Website For Free So you built a website but you're not sure how to make it fresh and interesting. How about having a live broadcast each day on your website? Technology advance have made this easier than ever. Here are step by step instructions. All you'll need is a webcam, a Stickam, and a WebStarts account. 1. Sign Up To Build A Free Webiste At WEBSITE BUILDER Obviously, if you already have a website with WebStarts you can skip this step. 2. Sign Up For A Free Account At Stickam.com Stickam is a free service that allows you to stream live video over the internet. 3. Plug In Your Webcam You can use any video camera that plugs into your computer. Your typical desktop USB style webcam works great. 4. Copy And Paste Your Stickam Code On To Your Web Page. Once you're logged into your Stickam account you'll want to your Stickam Profile Player embed code then copy and paste it into your WebStarts page editor. To inseart embed code into your WebStarts page click on the Insert option above your toolbar and select the HTML Code option from the drop down menu. Finally right click and paste the embed code into the provided section and click 'Ok'. FREE WEBSITE BUILDER Create A Free Website * Includes your hosting, web address, and design tools * Add photo galleries, videos, music, forms, and more * Drag and drop easy. No programming skills needed Get A Custom Domain Name * Get a custom domain name Example: YourSite.com * Use your existing domain name or get a new one * Your domain will automatically be online in minutes Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website * Get your site found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more * Sites built with WebStarts are search engine friendly Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your Website - Friday, September 17th 2010 6:48:48 PM EDT When you build a website online, you may want to allow your visitors to upload files or send files to you from one of your pages. The simplest way to do this is to have your ...