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    Stiletto Race for Charity in Sydney


    by NTDTelevision

    Over a hundred Australian women ran in a race wearing high heels in Sydney. They were doing it not to make a fashion statement but rather for a good cause.

    More than a hundred women took part in a stiletto race in Sydney on Tuesday to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    The women ran a 260-foot track in their high heels.

    A relay race followed and was won by a group of women from the Australian Institute of Sports.

    Two-time winner Brittney McGlone says the heels aren't so bad.

    [Brittney McGlone, Winner]:
    "Just if you run on your toes, the heel doesn't even touch the ground so it is just like sprinting anyway."

    The winning team, who called themselves the Pinkettes, pocketed prize money of nearly $10,000. They also broke the world record for the fastest relay race in stiletto heels, finishing the race in one minute and four seconds.