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    Jeevan hai ek bhool sajanwa..' in B.R.Ishara's Chetna (1970)

    Even if you have been attending Hindu Goddess temples your entire life, no puja is quite like that offered at Kamakhya. The tradition is beautifully unique and radically simple: as a devotee you are entitled to offer your worship directly to the Divine Mother. Devotees here are invited to sit for kirtan and devi aradhana (aarti/arati, which is participatory in nature) and then offer their own worship. The formal temple puja is private.

    We would like you to feel very welcome at our mandir (temple), even if you have never offered or experienced worship to the Mother Goddess before. Our temple is a humble one, located in a small Victorian home in Alameda, California. Although small, the space is both sweet and powerful, and those who offer worship at our temple can and do experience the full power of the Divine Mother.