IQ IOL implantation following phaco chop -Dr.NSD Raju, India

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Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexisanterior(CCC) should be the goal of every opening of the anterior capsule. CCC has gained widespread popularity because it offers unquestionable advantages over other capsulotomy techniques.Because of complications such as asymmetrical IOL fixation, IOL decentration, or pea podding of the IOL haptics associated with the envelope or the can-opener capsulotomy techniques, the CCC is preferred in phacoemulsification and trypan blue enhances the visualization of the anterior capsule during CCC. Trypan blue is iinjected into the anterior chamber under air bubblle .It is irrigated out after 20 seconds and anterior chamber filled with Visoelastic. . CCC is performed with a blunt 26G needle .Hydrodissection , nucleus rotation and phacoemulsification follows. Dye enhanced capsulorrrehexis ensures a sefe CCC in all cases of cataract
Surgeon: Dr.NSD Raju