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    Talk 3: An Established Obligation (Khilafah Conference Bri.)

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    Khilafah Conference Britain 2007 - "Khilafah: The need and the method"
    Session 1 Talk 3: Khilafah -- An Established Obligation
    Speaker: Kamal Abuzahra

    As increasing numbers of people in the Muslim World look towards Islam for solutions to their dire problems, some in the West and the corrupt leaders in the Muslim World try to question the validity and centrality of the Khilafah in Islamic thought.

    Kamal Abuzahra exposes this attempt by outlining not only the centrality of Khilafah in Islam, but its obligatory nature based upon clear evidences from Islamic sources. He will illustrate the opinion of traditional Islamic scholarship for centuries on Khilafah, leaving no room for the revisionist thinking that seeks to appease and validate the continuation of dictatorship and tyranny.

    Saturday, August 4, 2007
    Alexandra Palace