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    Tiger Woods all smiles and no growls


    by ODN


    Tiger Woods has put on his smiley face at Ryder Cup practice so far at Celtic Manor and insisted he is ready to have fun.

    So much so that not even a slightly rude question from one of the press corps was going to disturb his equilibrium.

    "You don't win majors anymore, you don't win regular tournaments anymore and you are about to be deposed by Europeans as the world No.1 or by Phil Mickelson. Where is the Ryder Cup now on your agenda now that you're an ordinary golfer?"

    He gave a flash of that toothpaste commercial smile, along with a message for his inquisitor who he remembered indulging in similar provocation at The Open in July: "I hope you're having a good week."

    Cue ripples of laughter. Woods has come to Wales to please. He has not come to trawl over the remnants of his personal life, nor to talk about divorce from wife Elin, nor to divulge how he is being treated by the wives of his team-mates.

    Woods has won just 11 points from 25 matches in the Ryder Cup and has been accused of only caring about individual victories.