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    Businessmen protest against Tax Code in Kyiv


    by NTDTelevision

    Businessmen throughout the Ukraine are protesting against a new tax code proposed by the government. They argue that the tax reform will ruin businesses and damage the market. Our Ukrainian bureau bring us the story.

    About a thousand entrepreneurs from different regions of Ukraine are protesting at the walls of Parliament against the adoption of a new tax code. Protestors from Lugansk boiled noodles, which were packed in an envelope to send to parliament. In Ukraine, having noodles hanging from your ears means that someone is lying to you.

    [Alena Taranenko, entrepreneur]: 17.09 (female, Russian)
    "People are already tired of noodles which are hung by the government - we have decided to share. It should not only be us wearing noodles, but everyone else too. We want to give this pack of noodles to the members of parliament."


    The posters carried slogans: "The tax code will drive business into the grave", (13.23) and "No to the extention of tax administration rights." 09.44.

    [Vasil Kulinich, President, Union of Entrepreneurs in Odessa Region]: 21.35 (male, Russian)
    "Businessmen of the Odessa region do not like the fact that they want to destroy the simplified tax system and destroy the markets of Ukraine. I say, they want to remove the single tax on wholesale, intermediation in wholesale trade, and rental of non-residential premises."

    The protesters say they will not be able to pay taxes under the new code. They have developed their own versions of the document, but claim that the government ignores their proposals.


    In the near future MPs will consider the amendments made by the Cabinet of Ministers in the tax code.

    Prime Minister Nykolay Azarov, commenting on the revised tax code during a governemnt session noted:

    "We believe that tax reform would inevitably lead to acceleration of economic growth, and thus raise the living standards of people in a healthy, reliable manner."


    NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.