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    Man sets world land lawnmower speed record


    by ODN


    American Bobby Cleveland claims to have set the world land lawnmower speed record after taking his custom-built grass cutter to a speed of 96 mph on Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats.

    Cleveland averaged 96.5 miles per hour during two runs clocked according to Paul Hirsch, a spokesman the automotive supply company sponsoring the event.

    Cleveland, riding the "104+" lawnmower, broke the record previously held by British driver Don Wales. Wales had been timed at 87 mph at Pendine Sands in Wales in May of this year.

    "We were always shooting for 100, actually we were shooting for 104 of course. But, we did a few changes, we got back on our next run and we got up to 97.3 miles an hour. Man, now the difference between 97 and 81 is a big difference," Cleveland said.

    "96 miles per hour. Unbelievable. It was great. It ran great," he said.