The Lungers


by whatevtrev

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The Lungers is a film documenting the history of Professional Lunging, directed by Dominic Bolton. 2010 H&B Films in association with Whatev Trev Pictures.


I thought this film was very unique and alternative. Its a great and funny idea that is brilliantly filmed, obviously on no budget! Great work guys, can't wait to see what you produce next.
By rosscountry 5 years ago
a splendid dose of sillyness
By burthumper 5 years ago
You're right, Anthony Clifford has never been to bath.
By whatevtrev 5 years ago
19 minutes + of my life wasted watching this pretentious tripe ! the so called friend that suggested i watch this needs certifying,
i dont know where these freaks come from but where ever it is the girls need not worry about being bothered by these members of the friday freak club ! ,
the guy that plays the aptly named grossman is from the jason gardener school of rent boys no amount of beard growth will make you masculine,
as for the thing with the birdsnest hair well do words fail me ,
a bath evader most certainly he is.
now for the film well where do i start ?,
its all over the place quite literally,
a limp attempt at inventing a game called lunging and running around the woods sniffing mens clothing may be acceptable with men of their persuasion and fetish group but showing it to all is a no no.
so all i can suggest is that they divert their woeful lack of talent to doing gay flicks for the clip dump addicts and like minded freaks.
By joshuamanners 5 years ago