The Mystery of Holy Bible: Purchase & free to read

John John Wong
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Hallelujah! There are altogether 21 chapters in the `Mystery of Holy Bible' and the price of each chapter is HK$777. Spiritually, according to the statute in the Book of Daniel, chapter 10, verse 13, `Delay 21 days or years', a reader can only purchase an e-copy of a chapter once in a year. So, a person must go through 21 years to finish reading the whole book.

The content of the Mystery of Holy Bible is as follows:

Chapter 1: Author
Chapter 2: Preamble
Chapter 3: Formulae
Chapter 4: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Chapter 5: Seven Churches
Chapter 6: Three & Seven
Chapter 7: Jubile & Atonement Day
Chapter 8: Evolution
Chapter 9: Seventy Weeks
Chapter 10: Seven Seals
Chapter 11: Seven Trumpets
Chapter 12: Seven Vials
Chapter 13: Pregnant Woman
Chapter 14: Great Red Dragon
Chapter 15: Sea Beast
Chapter 16: Vision of 2300 Days
Chapter 17: Dream of Nebuchadnezzar
Chapter 18: Scarlet Beast
Chapter 19: Time & Space
Chapter 20: Pictures
Chapter 21: Bibliography


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