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    Rescue Capsule Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners


    by NTDTelevision

    A big delivery in Chile at the site where 33 miners remain trapped over half-a-kilometer underground.

    This rescue capsule, built by the Chilean navy, will help pluck the miners one-by-one from the mine through a narrow tunnel -- three of which are still being drilled.

    Authorities predict the miners will be rescued sometime in early-November.

    Chile's mining minister described the capsule named Phoenix.

    [Laurence Goldborne, Chilean Mining Minister]:
    "This capsule that weighs 420 kilograms is 1.90 meters high in its interior for a person and, as you saw, a person fits no problem and can move inside of it. This capsule is outfitted with oxygen, with communication and has, as we said in the morning, a system that, in case of emergency, allows us to unhinge the bottom part and lower it apart from the part that is held up above."

    With news of the capsule's arrival, families of the trapped miners got a new ray of hope.

    [Elizabeth Segovia, Sister of Miner Dario Segovia]:
    "It's what we're all waiting for and I'm happy, even more happy because of the capsule. Yes, we were distressed but aren't now. My brother and his mates will be out."

    The three drills digging escape tunnels are making steady progress, but are occasionally difficult to control.

    Meanwhile, the miners are in contact with the surface via several small ducts, and have received items ranging from basic foods to soccer videos.