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    Six Jumping Jacks - I Do Not Choose To Run, 1928


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    David, I second your warm feeling about poor Stacks. All what's been left after him is that wonderful grinning voice on these old Brunswicks and, perhaps, the drums he tried to rescue from flames, when one night the hotel was on fire while Harry Reser's band was touring somewhere deep in the US. I looked for his photo throuout the web and found nothing, except for some unclear photos of the whole band. He must be the one who plays the drums and is usually hardly seen in the rear.
    Przez grzegorz2402525 lat temu
    Super energetic playing and great singing by my favorite singer Stacks. Great illustrations to go with the light spirited tune. Love those ladies riding their men.
    Przez dzheger5 lat temu
    Lou, take my and Patrick's method and choose one of Raphael's paintings (modestly, I chose one of Lempicka's) and you will forever remain young! (To be precise let us emphasise, Patrick preferred, instead of Raphael or toutes proportions gardees, Lempicka - an Odeon label... :-))
    Przez grzegorz2402525 lat temu
    I can only second your assessment a 100 %, Grzegorz!
    Przez kspm0220s5 lat temu
    Yes Grzegorz,You are the 1st to notice the avatar changhe,Instead of being 20,I have now aged to 39(wink).
    Przez Lou5 lat temu
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