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    Martial Arts Fight - Judo vs Jiu Jitsu

    Mr Zone

    by Mr Zone

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    You Rock! ... ..i feel lonely though.. !!
    By lovelybudi5 years ago
    A trend started around this time for BJJ competitors to start cross training heavily in judo... I wonder why??? :)
    By kozushi7 years ago
    Kiseki Sudou
    Really, there was a rematch where Royce school him? Strange, last time I checked that matched ended in a draw.
    By Kiseki Sudou8 years ago
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    By Uterus1148 years ago
    1) This was a NEWAZA match - NO STRIKES!!! why does Royce kick Yoshida 4 times??

    2) Royce's body went limp, he was out. Royce didn't tap against Hughes yet he lost, Royler didn't tap agains Saku yet lost, Royce didn't tap against Saku yet lost and finally Heilo didn't tap against the great MASAHIKO KIMURA yet lost... Accept it you can lose without tapping out.
    By swsda8 years ago
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