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    Julia Roberts & Ryan Murphy on Eat Pray Love


    by ODN

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    If Julia Roberts latest movie Eat Pray Love is anything to go by, not all celebrities have an avertion to carbohydrates!

    Julia plays divorcee Elizabeth Gilbert who goes on a year round trip to Italy, India and then Bali, on a journey of self discovery.

    And whilst in Italy, the Pretty Woman actress embraced the county's most famous food - pizza: "The first set up of the day, which started at about 7.45 in the morning, we had travelled to Naples and I think I ate eight pieces of pizza in 45 minutes so I ate quite a lot of pizza that day!"

    Eat Pray Love is directed by Glee creator Ryan Murphy who could not imagine anyone else but Julia playing the role of Liz:

    "I wanted her just because I think she's so empathetic and I enjoy seeing her at this faze in her life play a character like that. She's done so many romantic comedies.

    "I thought it was interesting to see her play somebody who's divorced who then goes through a terrible break and as a single woman. I thought that was a fresh thing for her and I think she's so good in it."