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    Mike de Velta - Ukulele Original- Lady Luck

    Mike de Velta

    by Mike de Velta

    115 views Lady Luck (Mike de Velta ©2010) An original ukulele tune with an infusion of old time English lyrics, almost medieval in style, and a cross over Spanish staccato feel. Lady Luck How I adore you with robes of silver and wings made of gold I am poor tired and lonely no shoes upon my feet no bed upon my floor I delight every time I dream of you just lay your golden hand upon this troubled soul I've fallen badly sore from life most sadly taken to this bottle now washed up on the shore Lady luck cast your light to brightness let favor by your shadow undo this wrong of mine life has bought me madness no burdened with this sadness I'll sit beside this wishing well and dream beside your door