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    The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers On Demand - Galen Hooks


    by lxdmod


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    CHARACTER BIO: Galen Hooks- Ninjato
    Although it’s true that her romantic entanglements with two different members of the LXD have played a formative role in the organization’s history, her contributions to the Legion extend far beyond mere affairs of the heart. Ninjato’s powers allow her to magnify destructive force when performing a coordinated attack with another member of the LXD, distinguishing her as one of the most powerful warriors in the ranks of the Legion. She also plays an instrumental role in brokering the decades-long peace that kept the world safe until the time of the Uprising. Truly a force to be reckoned with, it’s been said that Ninjato is capable of defeating everyone but the one person she’s been at war with her entire life: herself.
    By lxdmod6 years ago