Milk Bodyboards Annaëlle Challenge 2010

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The " Tomahawk Bodyboard Surfing Club " (TBSC), in main partnership with "Milk Bodyboards", announce you the second edition of one of the most incredible competitions of bodyboard organized in France!
Afetr the success of the first edition, the TBSC team back to work to organize again this "mystic" competition.
The challenge will keep the same concept, gather together the elite of the French bodyboard in front of a some locals riders on the famous reef of "Annaëlle".
The idea to organize a competition on one of the most powerful waves of France had not been enough envisaged. That is why, it seemed logical to renew this initiative as far as she allows to bring a little of revival in the universe of the classic competitions.

This event aims at making discover Brittany under its best day to the invited bodyboarders. On one side, in a sports way, by being in confrontation on one of the most renowned reefs of Brittany. On the other hand, by the cultural aspect, which gather all the competitors, the volunteers and the rescuers around a local dish of Finistère Nord: the famous "kig ha farz"!

This year, 20 bodyboarders are invited according to certain criteria: the level in bodyboard, the commitment for the bodyboard in France, the open-mindedness, and the knowledge of the spot.
Price money will be also planned to motivate the troops.
Ronan Gladu will be behind the objective to immortalize this whole event. Podcasts will be realized at the conclusion of the competition and complete summaries will be spread on the Internet to make you live the event.
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