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    RCV # 469:City Underground Fest w/The Circle Jerks & More!

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    The City Underground Fest! a Celebration of Punk Rock,Tattoos,and Skateboarding! Interviews with a tattoo artist and the event organizers. We talk to Punk Rock Veterans the Adolescents who have been going strong for many years and tell us about the strangest places they've played!

    San Francisco's La Plebe a mixture of punk,ska and world beat,loud guitars mixed with trombones and trumpets and sung in Spanish!

    Jugg's Revenge Tell us how they got sued and had to change their name from Jughead's Revenge while on tour with the Offspring and have come back after a long Hiatus!

    An Exclusive! The legendary Circle Jerks with vocalist Keith Morris(original Black Flag) singer talking about how they are an electric folk band!