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THE CLUB KEEPER Call 1 561 372 2701 The club keeper is a light weight golf club stand that fits in your golf bag. Simply stick it in the ground and it will hold several golf clubs .NO more laying your golf clubs on the ground around the green. The club keeper keeps your clubs standing up so you will not forget them. When you lay clubs down on the ground you may forget them or step on them.… With the club keeper if the ground is wet your grips will stay dry. Golf courses are treated with dangerous pesticides and fertilizers. You don’t want dangerous chemicals on your golf grips. Take your club keeper to the practice area The club keeper is made from some recycled materials. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to help children with autism $15.95 Plus $5.95 shipping and handling in the continental United States. Due to large amount of orders on this item allow 2-3 weeks delivery time. This product is manufactured by the Golf Source Company, a division. of B. D. SIMS. Enterprises. Call 1 561 372 2701 to order ask For Phil