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    Laser Projector 150mW with MP3 Player (2GB) and Stereo ...


    by electronicsbiggirl

    [ ] Laser Projector 150mW with MP3 Player (2GB) and Stereo Speakers Transform the atmosphere of your next party or DJ event with this laser projector with Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers and MP3 Player. The 150mW lasers in this machine are powerful enough to project bright red and green laser patterns up to 25 meters away! This is perfect for installation in any indoor location and a great addition if you want to throw your own house party or rave. The small and portable design also comes with a mounting bracket which allows it to be placed anywhere you want. However, this is only the beginning of what this cool device has to offer. Package List for AGF - LT14 • Laser Projector • Power Adapter (universal 100 - 240V) • USB cable • Remote • Instruction Manual - English [ ] To see more Ankaka Wholesale Laser Gas: [ ]