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    We are Under Loaded-Gun of Terrorism [LPDC]


    par newdew

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    I am very Thankful to LP that they have organized this competition,to show our creativity.
    I had 4 ideas for this video,but I have selected this one, a short view on Terrorism & wars of the History.Because this theme is the need of the hour because we are all under the fear of Terrorism & Wars.I hope we will get rid of it as soon as we can,
    So let we all make together effort towards the Revolution.
    I had to face many technical difficulties to complete this video & so sorry for the delay.
    But am really happy that I finally finished it under the given schedule!

    Actually,am a small boy.........& this period was the most important regarding studies.

    I know the video I made have some basic faults bcz I was unable to express my creativity as I wanted due to some-things...I faced many Situations,conditions & many problems.Really I made this video as possible I could avoiding restrictions & condition.Really!This video needed a lot of make.