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    Landslides Disrupt Road Links in Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Continuous downpours for the past couple of weeks have triggered landslides in northern India. Landslides damage roads and a national highway NH-87 in India's northern Uttarakhand state, disrupting road links in the hilly region.

    Nature continues to batter India's northern Uttarakhand state, where landslides have damaged road links near Nainital.

    A major chunk of the national highway NH-87 caved in and slid into the valley below, blocking the route and causing big traffic jams.

    One driver described the moment his car was swallowed up.

    [Chandrasekhar, Driver]: (male, Hindi)
    "Suddenly the road collapsed and I went down with my car. I somehow saved myself and two other passengers, and we climbed up."

    Engineers assessing the damage say repair work will not begin until after the weather has cleared.

    [N. C. Bhatt, Superintendent Engineer, National Highways]: (male, Hindi)
    "National Highway 87 which connects Kathgodam to Nainital, a part of the road up to 200 meters long has collapsed and sunk by 25 to 30 meters."

    The situation remains grim, as continuous downpours have lashed parts of northern India for the past couple of weeks.

    Heavy rains and landslides in the region have damaged roads severely, blocking several routes to nearby cities and towns.

    The monsoon this year has caused heavy floods in several parts of north and central India, causing heavy devastation to life and property.