Episode 1: The Book

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Clara discovers that her dead Grandfather was secretly into the occult...


ça me plait :-) . ,,........
By cuttiebabez 4 years ago
=]k absolute nice
By 6SexyMouse73 4 years ago
I was watching this and thinking it was pretty good. Then I saw it was by Drew Daywalt. Holy crap man, I'm a huge fan of yours on Youtube, with your Daywalt fear factory and stuff. Good to see you're doing something more long length!
By laughing mann 4 years ago
Sorry for the late comment. Well done! My favorite part is when Clara is in her grandfather's room (the music enhances the scene beautifully). Again, with sound as a cue (as well as great closeups), there is a seamless shift from sadness to mounting unease (when Clara finds the book). I love that. BTW, does anyone know the name of that song?
By Em 4 years ago
REALLY? a fucking Macys ad pops up 5 minutes into the video and then opens up in another window playing some irritating song so I have to clickover and close it out. How damn ANNOYING, if I was the the maker of this video I would take it off of this site immediatly.
By barclaybass 4 years ago
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