Episode 1: The Book


by Camera_Obscura

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ça me plait :-) . ,,........
By cuttiebabez5 years ago
=]k absolute nice
By 6SexyMouse735 years ago
laughing mann
I was watching this and thinking it was pretty good. Then I saw it was by Drew Daywalt. Holy crap man, I'm a huge fan of yours on Youtube, with your Daywalt fear factory and stuff. Good to see you're doing something more long length!
By laughing mann5 years ago
Sorry for the late comment. Well done! My favorite part is when Clara is in her grandfather's room (the music enhances the scene beautifully). Again, with sound as a cue (as well as great closeups), there is a seamless shift from sadness to mounting unease (when Clara finds the book). I love that. BTW, does anyone know the name of that song?
By Em5 years ago
REALLY? a fucking Macys ad pops up 5 minutes into the video and then opens up in another window playing some irritating song so I have to clickover and close it out. How damn ANNOYING, if I was the the maker of this video I would take it off of this site immediatly.
By barclaybass5 years ago
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