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    Hurricane Igor Storms Bermuda


    by NTDTelevision

    Thousands of homes are left without power as Hurricane Igor slams Bermuda with storming winds, but causing limited damage. While locals start to clean up the remnants of the storm, some tourists express their awe at experiencing such power of nature. Hurricane Igor is expected to move north, reaching Newfoundland by Tuesday.

    Hurricane Igor battered Bermuda on Sunday, with ferocious winds, waves and rain, in one of the worst storms to hit the British overseas territory.

    Around 16,000 homes were left without power on the island as power lines were knocked out.

    Residents also reported uprooted trees, flying debris and boats torn free from moorings.

    Roads were deserted and shops boarded up, but some tourists in Bermuda weren't too concerned about the massive storm.

    [Cathy Smodlaka, Hotel Guest]:
    "Yeah, I'm not scared at all. I just think it's an awesome force of nature, that if you can experience it once in a lifetime, then that is something amazing."

    Police said CCTV cameras were showing waves up to 3.6 metres high, while a weather observation station in Bermuda said one wind gust reached 150 kilometres per hour.

    The hurricane conditions were expected to continue into early Monday.