Three Degrees-Everybody Get's To Go To The Moon (live, 1971)


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Valerie Holiday, Fayette Pinkney & Sheila Ferguson.

A movie from 1971 called The French Connection I, a gritty movie about NY cops trying to bust the infamous heroin connection between the states and France. Early in the movie, Gene Hackman (who won the Oscar for his role) enters a nightclub and on stage performing are the Three Degrees, singing this insanely good song called 'Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon'. Gene Hackman enters the club, the music starts... These bright horns were blasting, a happy rhodes keyboard was playing, the bass line was thumping, the hi-hats were in full force, and there were these three beautiful voices singing some of the best lyrics. The girls' dresses, their hair, the music, their eyelashes, it was almost too much late 60’s goodness to be believed. The energy is infectious. The movie is amazing. But that scene ! One of the best songs Jimmy Webb has ever written, and one of the best the Three Degrees ever recorded.